Principal Kathleen D'Uva

Principal's Message

I am honored to serve as the principal at Lorvale Academy, and I look forward to working with all of the students to help them achieve their goals.

I have spent the last thirty years working in public and private education, with the last twenty years in International Education. I understand the challenges facing students where English is their second language and have worked with teachers to develop the curriculum that allows for the development of English proficiency, while obtaining the necessary requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and gaining acceptance to one of Canada's top universities!

I have always been committed to academic excellence and to the development of the whole person and been proud to cultivate the diverse talents of my students. I strongly believe that students should be encouraged to do their personal best, invest effort into their learning, and take up opportunities that arise to showcase their talents, explore their interests, and continually develop new knowledge and skills.

Lorvale is located in Toronto, Ontario, home to some of the best universities in the world. At Lorvale, we are dedicated to preparing each and every student for life beyond high school and we will work with each student to earn acceptance to one of the prestigious universities. Lorvale provides a rigorous academic program which offers our students a comprehensive education in a private school setting. Lorvale gives students a memorable, student-centered experience that focuses on critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Our emphasis on 21st century skills prepares students to excel in university and their careers. We encourage a positive learning environment, where our students and staff understand that a campus that is positive, respectful, innovative, and disciplined, creates a positive climate for all to achieve their excellence. The many accomplishments and achievements of our students reflect a shared dedication by our statt, students, parents and community to provide the best learning opportunities for all our students.

At Lorvale, students are the centre of our approach to teaching and learning and we hold high expectations of student learning, leadership, participation and behaviour. Our staffs care about our students and are determined to be there for them throughout their experience at our school. As principal and a member of the overall team, I am committed to promoting the global initiative of English instruction and providing the best possible educational opportunities for our students, while building a solid foundation for expansion. We will keep our vision of maintaining a strong community of students, faculty, and staff that values learning, caring, and creativity. We will work together to insure that our students will excel and continue to be outstanding young men and women.

Admission Requirements

Language requirements

Our Program


The high school diploma class is Lorvale Academy’s most important basic program. Students who participate in this project can obtain high school credits recognized by Canadian universities and apply for Canadian universities.


  1. School uniform (4 sets) + school badge brooch
  2. University visits and face-to-face interviews with interviewers
  3. University Application Counseling
  4. Extracurricular activities organized by the school
  5. English as a Second Language classes (ESL)
  6. 40 hours of volunteer/community activities
  7. 12 elective courses
  8. 18 compulsory courses
  9. New Student Admissions Guide


The direct university course is the most popular core program at Lorvale Academy. Under the premise of meeting basic requirements such as academics and attendance, Lorvale guarantees that students participating in this program will obtain at least one admission letter from ten famous Canadian universities including the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo.


Everything in OSSD Program, and;

  1. Exclusive university application Counseling
  2. Evening self-study class tutoring
  3. IELTS/TOEFL Preparation Course


Lorvale Academy’s most comprehensive program. Students will be guaranteed at least one admission letter from a Top 5 university in Canada.


Everything in OSSD Program, Enhanced Program, and;

  1. Corporate Visits and Communications
  2. Guaranteed admission to one of Canada's top 5 universities
  3. extracurricular activities
  4. Business etiquette
  5. Local Student Buddy Program
  6. career planning
  7. Summer Camp/Winter Camp
  8. Golf&Equestrian&Fencing&Ice Hockey
  9. public speaking


Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is a Canadian education system in Ontario, one of the world's best high school education systems. Students enrolled in this program can directly obtain Canadian student status, complete all courses in China, and apply for universities as Canadian graduates.


Application Process

1. Submit application

  • Complete the admission form
  • Transcripts of the past two years (both in Chinese and English)
  • Proof of enrollment or graduation certificate (both in Chinese and English)
  • Complete the guardian information form (applicable only to applicants under the age of 18)

All the above documents should be emailed to the school email

2. Written test and interview

Students and parents who have completed their registration will receive an invitation for a written test and a video interview.

3. Pre-admission

After evaluating the admission materials and interview, successful applicants will receive an admission and payment notice.

4. Apply for a visa

Students apply for a visa at the Canadian embassy in their home country.

5. Formal admission

Students pay tuition, boarding fees and other fees according to the payment instructions. After the payment is successful, Lorvale will issue an official admission letter.

6. Pre-departure 

  • After the student obtains the visa, Lorvale will provide pre-departure guidance to the student and parentsIf you need airport pick-up service, please contact the school to make a reservation two weeks before departure.

    Documents required for transit: proof of enrollment or graduation certificate (in Chinese and English), vaccination records (in Chinese and English), original letter of acceptance from Lorvale Academy.