Elite Program

The Elite Program is Lorvale’s most comprehensive program. In addition to covering all the program content of the high school diploma class and university direct class, the Elite Program also provides the following courses: University Preparatory Courses, Business Etiquette, Public Speaking, Golf/Equestrian/Fencing/Ice hockey (choose two from four), Winter Camps/Summer Camps, University Application Counseling and Career Planning, Local Student Buddy Programs, Various Extracurricular Programs, Corporate Visits and Communications, Lorvale Lifelong Membership (enjoy value-added services from our partners) .

In the case that students fully follow the school's plan, we promise that students will obtain at least one admission offer from a Top 5 university:


University of Waterloo

Queen's University

McMaster University

McGill University

Program Highlight

Business Etiquette

Teach students North American business etiquette, including dining manners, rules of business activities, North American business culture, etc., so that students can easily and confidently participate in social activities.

Public Speaking

Teach students public speaking skills, simulate the real speech environment, improve self-confidence, so that students are not inferior in communication with local students.

Golf/Equestrian/Fencing/Ice hockey (choose two from four)

Students will have the opportunity to systematically learn these traditional North American activities from professional coaches. Through these skills, students can stand out from many international students, better integrate into the local social culture, build a better social network and obtain more social resources.

Winter Camp/Summer Camp

The college organizes winter camps and summer camps for students during the winter and summer vacations every year, and The Elite Program students can participate for free. In addition to regular scenic spots, winter camps also include ice hockey, skiing, skating, curling, etc. Summer camps also include mountain biking, hiking, and camping.

University Application Counseling and Career Planning

Experienced full-time teachers will tailor the direction of university major application according to students' expectation, interests and academic situation, and explain the general requirements of North American universities, major strengths and weaknesses, employment situation after graduation, etc. to students. Full-time teachers are also responsible for university application counseling and interview preparation for students.

Local Student Buddy Program

Lorvale matches each Elite Program student with a local student of the same age as a buddy to help students better adapt to life in Canada.

Various Extracurricular Programs

Lorvale's self-operated extracurricular classes include artificial intelligence and robotics, painting, piano, dance, taekwondo, badminton, tennis, etc. Elite Program students can participate for free.

Corporate Visits and Communications

Elite Program students will have the opportunity to visit the headquarters of large North American companies, learn about company operations, and communicate face-to-face with senior executives.

Lorvale Lifelong Membership

Elite Program students can still obtain a variety of services provided by Lorvale after graduation, including job hunting and employment in North America, immigration application, real estate purchase, and various activities held by Lorvale.

School Terms

September - November

First Term

November - January

Second Term

February - April

Third Term

April - June

Fourth Term

July - August

Summer Break

Students can choose to take a vacation or participate in a summer camp held by the school. They can enroll at the beginning of each semester, that is, in February, April, September, and November every year.