Online OSSD Program

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is a Canadian education system in Ontario, one of the world's best high school education systems. Students enrolled in this program can directly obtain Canadian student status, complete all courses in China, and apply for universities as Canadian graduates. The learning and graduation requirements of OSSD courses are completely different from traditional exam-oriented education. OSSD advocates grading in a balanced way such that every student can achieve their best results. OSSD students can choose courses for further study in nearly 30 university preparation courses according to their interests and university major programs.In OSSD's teaching philosophy, it is better to discover the areas that each child is good at. Career planning runs through the entire high school stage, and it can also provide valuable insight for university selection in advance.

The OSSD program is suitable for:

Program Highlight

Global recognition

Ontario High School Diploma in Canada is a rigorous teaching program, which has a high degree of recognition in the world. Not only can you get the benefits of local students when applying for Canadian universities, but it is also recognized by the world's top universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries.


  • Compared with the traditional system, this program can save high school tuition fees for studying abroad in high school and avoid a series of expenses such as accommodation fees, living expenses, transportation fees, and guardianship fees.
  • 30 credits are required to obtain the OSSD diploma, and the high school courses in China can transfer up to 24 credits, and students can complete it in 8 months.
  • 6 courses required for university application and other courses required for OSSD graduation.
  • Studying OSSD courses in China saves economic and time costs, and is the most cost-effective route to prestigious schools.

Safe and worry-free

Through this program, students can complete their Canadian high school studies with their parents, and the parents can see the learning results. This completely eliminates all kinds of risks and safety hazards that may be encountered when going to a foreign country as a minor alone. Thus, students can truly achieve academic success without sacrificing safety.

Flexible study time

The course study of OSSD is not long and can be completed in 8 months at the earliest. Students can start studying from the third year of junior high school or the third year of senior high school. Generally, it takes two to three years to start studying in the third year of junior high school, and eight months to one year for the third year of high school. There are many options for students to choose from.

Balanced Learning Approach

Compared with domestic middle and high school courses and AP or A-Level courses, the difficulty of OSSD courses is relatively low, and the minimum application standard is easy to meet. The grades of OSSD courses are composed of "normal grades + final grades + classroom performance". Students can improve their grades many times, there is no one test to determine grades.

School Terms

September - November

First Term

November - January

Second Term

February - April

Third Term

April - June

Fourth Term

July - August

Summer Break

Students can choose to take a vacation or participate in a summer camp held by the school. They can enroll at the beginning of each semester, that is, in February, April, September, and November every year.