Brief introduction for Chess class coming soon.

Beginner 1

This foundational course covers all the rules of chess. Explanations are designed to nurture the development of basic skills that are essential to becoming a chess player. By the end of the course, learners will understand defending, profitable exchange, twofold attacks, as well as other moves.

Beginner 2

This course covers the first principles of tactics and positional play. As all games at this level are decided by tactics, much attention is paid to robust development in tactical defense and attacks. Students will be able to explore double attacks, route planning, different openings and endings, stalemates, among other topics.

Intermediate 1

 The Intermediate 1 course continues to highlight tactical themes, with increased difficulty and challenge.

As thinking ahead becomes more important, students will be introduced to pawn endgames. It is necessary to be proficient in piece movements and values before proceeding to this Intermediate 1 course.

Intermediate  2

While understanding that tactics are dominated by the preparatory move, students at this level would integrate more naturally the positional aspects of chess. For those aspiring to become strong players in the field, this course provides guided opportunities to review and expand on intermediate 1 basics, which is necessary for thorough comprehension.

Advanced 1

Students in the Advanced course will learn to calculate ahead two and a half moves to find solutions in their work. In addition, a strong focus on positional aspects of the game will be introduced. Endgame strategies, which are essential for understanding positional aspects, will be covered in deeper detail. Students will acquire more advanced practice and guidance in applying new techniques in trapping, interference and attacks.