Student Services

In order to ensure that students arrive smoothly and adapt to and integrate into the study and life in Canada as soon as possible, we provide students with a full range of services from off-campus to on-campus.

Before Departure

  • Assisting students in handling visa matters

Upon Arrival

  • According to the requirements of parents and students, take pictures of the accommodation where the students will move in and send them to parents, so that they can have a clear understanding of the new environment of the students.
  • The assigned staff will pick up students at the airport, assist with medical insurance and explain the medical insurance plan.
  • The assigned staff will assist students to open bank accounts, make deposits, show them how to use bank cards, credit cards, and how to order and pay in restaurants.
  • The assigned staff will assist the students to get and active SIM card for their cell phones and help them join the student WeChat group, leading them to familiarize themselves with the surrounding environment, and is responsible for guiding the new students to the supermarket to shop for grocery and school supplies
  • Hold welcome event for new students at school, and help the students to get along with their classmates at school as soon as possible
  • Help the students with the course selection

Other Services

  • Free Passport Escrow
  • Air ticket reservation and confirmation service
  • Pickup of school uniforms, textbooks, letters, parcels
  • Sales of bus cards and phone cards
  • Help to buy bus card and phone card

Guardian Service

  • Psychological counseling service for international students

After Graduation

  • Organize graduates to enter the alumni association
  • Consulting services of university life problems and employment job search


We select high-quality homestay families through a strict process:

  • Homestay families need to sign a formal agreement with Lorvale to strictly protect the rights and interests of students
  • Lorvale will investigate the work experience of the host family members
  • There are strict requirements for residential housing, and the space must be large enough to provide students with comfortable bedrooms and common spaces
  • Transportation convenience, the host family should be able to walk or take public transportation to the school, or be able to pick up students
  • The host family should be able to provide high-quality nutritious meals

Home-School Cooperation

  • Help parents understand the basic situation of the school, teaching contents and method, rules and regulations
  • Provide the latest progress reports and latest information on university admissions
  • Weekly updates on WeChat public account
  • Parents can make an appointment to communicate directly with the class teacher online