Students will be introduced to Core French, which supports students to understand and use new words, verb conjugations, translations from English to French, short stories and grammar. The students will be able to use different learning strategies and practice how to translate properly without using electronic devices. Students will learn how to edit their own work and they will be asked to complete in-class assignments and make sure they understand their French learning well.

Level 01 (Ontario Core French grade 4)

In this course, students will be introduced to foundational vocabulary words as well as their masculine and feminine forms. This course will help students build their vocabulary and their understanding, from colours and numbers to the days of the week and school objects. They will also learn grammatical rules, including the use of “Le,” “La,” “Un,” and “Une” andsentence-building components.

Level 02 (Ontario Core French grade5)

In this course, students will be introduced to different expressions, vocabulary and grammar rules. Throughout this course, students will be learning and developing their vocabulary through expressions of written work as well as reading simple texts. Students will work on expressing meanings about their local environment, their family and friends, and themselves with appropriate contextual support. They will be given the chance to show their work through activities and will be given homework assignments to make sure they understand the full concept of thework.

Level 03 (Ontario Core French grade 6)

In our intermediate course, students will dive deeper into the conjugation of French verbs and grammar elements. From present, past, and future tenses, students will be able to distinguish the differences of and use each verb conjugation. These more advanced concepts will bring students to fully grasp conjugation and new grammatical rules, including themes such as la francophonie (francophonecommunities nationally and internationally). They will also work on short speaking projects to enhance oral and audio communication comprehension. Some spontaneous spoken interactions will also engage the students to furtherimprove, in addition to their regular homework expectations.  

Level 04 (Ontario Core French grade7-8)

In this term, intermediate students will work with increasingly difficult texts and word choice. From more advanced forms of French conjugation, to establishing a personal point of view, to listening and reading comprehension, students will be expected to identify purposes and audiences to complete tasks confidently. Students will be exposed to more teaching about culture and topics related to broader world contexts.