Preparation Programs for Canadian Economics Olympiad

October 10, 2022

Canadian Economics Olympiad (CEO) is Canada's premier high-school economics competition and official qualifier for the International Economics Olympiad (IEO). CEO is authorized to select Team Canada for participating in the IEO.

Each country is represented by only one team which consists of no more than five contestants and one or two team leaders.

The Prof. of the University of Ottawa, Yuri Khoroshilov, is the chair of CEO and leader of Team Canada. The CEO is an "inclusive" competition. Participation in the competition is free of charge.

Lorvale Academy is the exclusive educational partner of the CEO in Canada and a sponsor of Team Canada at the International Economics Olympiad. As the Team Canada sponsor, Lorvale Academy is committed to cover Team Canada transportation costs for 2023 and 2024 IEO.

In the past years (from 2020-2022), “Team Canada” are selected based on the results of CEO. However, in 2023 the selection criteria for IEO team may be different. One of the major differences is that one of the IEO team members will be chosen based on the Business Case Competition instead of the Canadian Economics Olympiad results. Lorvale Academy and Lorvale Clubs will be responsible in conducting Business Case Competition.

The 2023 International Economics Olympiad is expected to be in-person in Suzhou, China, July 24 - August 2 (venue and dates to be confirmed). Join our email list to receive news and updates.

As the exclusive educational partner of CEO, Lorvale is providing a series of programs aiming to help students to get well prepared for the upcoming competition. Lorvale's head teacher of CEO related programs is Ray.

Canadian Economics Olympiad
Canadian Economics Olympiad

If you are interested in the programs below, please send us an email (info@lorvale.com) containing the interested program title and your full name, we will reply you with details. Should you have any questions regarding the competition or programs, please feel free to email us or call us at +1(905)947-0372.

1. AP Microeconomics, 9/10/2022-11/19/2022, G9-12, Sat, EST 2-5pm, 10 courses, online or in person

2. AP Macroeconomics, 11/26/2022-2/25/2023, G9-12, Sat, EST 2-5pm, 10 courses, online or in person

3. IEO – Introduction to Finance, 10/29/2022-3/4/2023, G9-12, Sat, EST 12-2pm, 15 courses, online or in person

4. CEO/IEO - Case Analysis, 1/12/2023-3/2/2023, G9-12, Thur, EST 6-8pm, 8 courses, online or in person

5. CEO - Exam Prep, 3/7/2023-3/30/2023, G9-12, Tues, EST 7-9pm, 12 courses, online or in person

6. CEO - Business Case Prep, 3/5/2023-3/19/2023, G9-12, Sun, EST 2-5pm, 3 mock business case competition, online or in person

7. AP Economics Exam Prep, 4/2023-5/2023, TBD